Quality policy

Adhere to the philosophy of "Sincerity, Pragmatism, Innovation and Eco-friendly", we provide customers with satisfactory products and services. To promote quality and environmental management activities, we involve all employees in continuous improvement and in prevention of problems to achieve the goals of continuous improvement processes. Reduce defects, waste, and commit to environmental energy conservation and waste reduction, in a effective way to meet customer needs and expectations.

Committed not to use and purchase conflict metals from regions such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo,etc.


Faith will move mountains to open.

  • Treating work partners with sincerity and creating performance.
  • Dedicated service to customers, improve quality and meet customer needs.
  • Honest and responsible for completing the work and creating shareholder value.

Diligent, diligent and honest.

  • Firm, simple,diligent, focus on cost, pursue quality, and achieve the best performance.

Cast new old, broken vertical.

  • Encourage innovation, create value and opportunities.

Energy saving,
environmental protection,
harmonious development.

  • Committed to the sustainable development of green supply chain management and green product introduction,managing prohibited substances effectively..
  • All processes and activities are in compliance with regulatory requirements, and energy conservation is implemented to reduce environmental impact.
  • Committed to reducing waste generation and implementing disaster prevention.

Quality certificate

ISO certificate:9001

ISO 9001 Mark

Products are RoHS compliant

UL QMFZ2.E306964

ISO certificate:14001

ISO 14001 Mark

ISO certificate : 45001

ISO 45001 Mark