Policy statement

By communication, incentives, education, etc, to enhance employees cohesion and job satisfaction. And make MTC create greater contributions and values, thus making the relationship between employers and employees harmonious.

Employee Benefits

The company's employee welfare measures are governed by the Labor Standards Act, the Labor Insurance Regulations and relevant laws and regulations. The benefits for employees include labor and health insurance, regular health checkups, wedding and funeral grants, on-the-job training grants, paid work leave, year-end bonuses, employee subscriptions, and occasional employee welfare activities.

The company's retirement system for employees is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Pensions Regulations. Pensions are paid at a monthly rate of 6% of the total salary, and are stored in the individual account of the labor pension established by the Labor Insurance Bureau; Employees can also choose to deposit 6% or less of their pensions to a special account to enjoy tax-free benefits.

In order to provide employees with a better life and safety, the company also plans a group comprehensive insurance, including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, etc., for the business colleagues who travel overseas, there is also a dedicated business travel insurance.

Also set up the "Employee Welfare Committee" to take care of the labor life, promote physical and mental health and maintain the harmony between employers and employees through a comprehensive welfare system, including personal welfare subsidies such as festival gifts, birthday gifts, marriages, funerals and so on. .



We provide a variety of learning channels and professional course training to meet the company's goal of creating a sustainable learning and development environment and nurturing professionals.

New employee: Solid new employee training course.
For the new employee, carry out solid training course including understanding of the company philosophy, management system, safety management, professional courses, etc., to help new employees integrate into the work environment and understand the content of the work rapidly.

Current employee: Diversified learning channels.
There are multiple learning channels for current employees, including internal training, external training and self-learning. In-service training includes job skills, safety management, quality management, and management courses.


MTC has complete management system of performance review and promotion. With complete and clear rules and system we keep communication between each other and promotion smoothly, thus, improving work performance. Take it as fundamental for human resource and sustainable development.