It is an important part of Taiwan industrial development to develop key materials, and it is also one of the projects suitable for development of new ventures. Based on the previous developing in FPC, our technical team has lots of relevant technical skills and experience. After careful evaluation and design, the timing and risks of the product production learning curve have been reduced, and the company has a great opportunity to successfully enter the material industry. Based on competitiveness, cost and innovative development capabilities, the company leases plant and designs equipment with minimal capital expenditure. Reduce fixed capital costs with simplicity, utility and efficiency; and then shortens the production learning curve with technique which makes product enter profit stage as soon as possible. MTC is one of the companies who have research and production team of polyimide materials in Taiwan. By developing new technologies and products, and patent applications to establish product technology barriers and maintain the company's competitiveness. The enterprise is responsible for establishing environment and culture that the team members could communicate and discuss with each other, help each other, get space and development, and they all have the opportunity to self-actualize.