Polyimide Film PIN

Polyimide film PIN is a kind of heat resistant film possessing excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, which performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452 oF (-269℃) and as high as +500 oF (+260℃) and can be exposed at +752 oF (400℃) in short time. Besides, it is of atomic radiation resistant. Polyimide film is currently the macromolecular compound with the best combined properties and the highest heat resistant. PIN type have higher modulus and lower CTE than PIF type.


  • 1. Electric magnetic wire and cable coiling, motor slot liners, transformer interlayer insulation.
  • 2. The backing material of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, F46 (FEP) tape.
  • 3. The substrates of Flexible Printed Circuits Board (F-PCB).
  • 4. The adhesive tape is used for IC packing.

Grade Table

Designation Nominal Thickness Width (mm)
PIN025 1 mil / 25μm 1040 / 520 / 250 /other
PIN050 2 mil / 50μm 1040 / 520 / 250 /other
PIN075 3 mil / 75μm 950 / 308 /other