Artifitial Graphite Sheet

Mordohar MGS Artificial graphite sheets are not only suitable for limited spaces to assist in the thermal diffusion and conduction of heating elements, but also have excellent thermal conductivity in the x-y panel . With a higher thermal conductivity value of 1,300-1,600 W/m‧K, it transcended natural graphite at 200-300 W/m‧K. Additionally, it offers flexibility, bendable and EMI shielding effect, which is commonly used in flimsy electronic products and mobile smart devices.


  • 1.Thermal application for consumer electronics: smart phone, laptop, think TVs, 5G/6G network system equipment, projector, PDP/LCD/OLED printed circuits board.
  • 2.Industrial application: Thermal applications for industrial computers and high-efficiency operating equipment.
  • 3.Electric vehicle: thermal module。

Grade Table

Designation Thickness Width (mm)
MGS023 23μm 140 / 280 /other
MGS032 32μm 140 / 280 /other
MGS045 45μm 140 / 280 /other